i don’t pray anymore, it’s the only place i can go where people don’t talk to me.

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Stone and snow, that was all that was left of Winterfell. Just like she and Jon. 

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when ur parents go out food shopping


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No one survives a night in the maze.

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now i know when to  s  h  i  n  e  & when to  s  t  i  n  g.

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But it is high summer for House Lannister. So why am I so bloody cold?

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"I feel like it’s kind of sad that she had to watch that - for Arya and Sansa both, actually. It would seem that they’re bloodthirsty for revenge, you know? But they’re almost just confused as to why they feel how they’re feeling, and they’re surprised by how they’re feeling as well. It’s just that first episode when you get to see how Arya is grieving and how Sansa is grieving. They’re both very similar. A silly audience member will be like, “Oh, look, Sansa’s crying again,” when actually this scene is very interesting. It’s very interesting to hear what she has to say about it and how she deals with it. She’s not crying in pain; it’s a very different Sansa from what we’ve seen before. Same with Arya. She’s not bloodthirsty for revenge. She’s not crazy at all. She’s just like, “Why? Why do I feel the way I do?” People don’t read enough into some of the characters’ decisions, I think. They just think it’s very black and white. It’s never black and white on Game of Thrones. If you think it’s black and white, you’re watching it wrong."

— Maisie Williams, being spot fucking on [x] (via plantagenet)
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